Girl Power

I thought I would tell you all a little about me :)
I decided this past New Years that I wanted to get into shape like all the hot ladies I make suits/costumes for. So in February I started dieting and made a goal to compete in my first show in 16 weeks. Within in this time I lost about 27lbs. and placed 4th in my bikini class! I remembered how much I LOVED being onstage from growing up as a dancer. Lets just say I got the fever for more competitions! From there I competed and kept training and now lost a total of about 40 lbs! For my next show, I competed in an INBF show and won overall for bikini, and then traveled to Miami, FL for a Universe show (placed in the top ten for bikini short class). At the show in Miami, I sat in the audience and watched all the ladies compete in the fitness division. I was soooooo inspired by all of their talent! From there I told myself, thats it! I’m pushing myself once again and setting a new goal! I began training for the fitness division. I learned my routine and finished it only two weeks out from my next show. I was determined not to back down and make it onstage for fitness….Yesterday, I accomplished my goal I competed in the fitness division at FAP….I was so tired during the routine but made it through! I loved it, I was happy to be dancing onstage again. It was the first time I had danced onstage for 6 years……and I placed 1st :) I could not believe it and still can’t. I took that stage with so many powerful and beautiful women. The best part after I won was that all the ladies in the fitness division were cheering and happy for everyone.
This is why I LOVE being a competitor myself. I am surrounded by women and men who are so powerful and never give up. Every time I compete I leave with about ten new friends! BUT the best part of competiting is seeing all my designs and clients onstage!!! OMG! I love watching all of their hard work strut across the stage and know that I was a part of their big day!! I love this (if i didn’t already say that <3)!! Thank you to everyone for letting me work with you making my dreams and yours come true!
Leigha Marie

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