New Beginnings

I wanted to thank everyone for the support over this past year. I have accomplished so many goals in my life that I never thought would be possible. I am NOW a firm believer in if you set the bar high you can achieve anything.
In my last blog I explained my journey with my weightloss and my first year competing, but this past year I have gone through a lot of highs and lows in my life. I learned when you have a passion for something in life it shows the true colors of yourself and the people around you. I learned to stay positive and remember this is MY LIFE and I DOING SOMETHING I LOVE and that is what counts! Yes, it was very difficult to remove the toxic people from my life but along the way I made new friends! I have met soooooo many great women and men who have similar stories and goals for their own and who appreciate me for who I am inside and out.
Life is about being positive and always supporting the ones you love. I am so happy for where my life is headed and It was a long journey to get to where I am so far. I am excited to see where all my hardwork and dedication for my passion takes me. Love you all and thank you for sticking with me through my journey <3

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Thank you Stephanie Jacobs for wearing the first LMD custom print suit! I worked with stephanie to create a one of kind custom print fabric suit for the fitness america competition.

Please feel free to email LMD if interested in your own custom print suit!
Stay TUNED!! :)

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LMD on the Road!

Hey Everyone!
Check it out!!! LMD hit the road this past weekend to Cathy Savage Studio in Norwood, Ma. LMD set up a table with past work, a slideshow of past designs, and our work featured in magazines! It was a blast! Met so many new girls that will be setting their goals for competing. I am excited and cannot wait to work with more inspiring women!

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Girl Power

I thought I would tell you all a little about me :)
I decided this past New Years that I wanted to get into shape like all the hot ladies I make suits/costumes for. So in February I started dieting and made a goal to compete in my first show in 16 weeks. Within in this time I lost about 27lbs. and placed 4th in my bikini class! I remembered how much I LOVED being onstage from growing up as a dancer. Lets just say I got the fever for more competitions! From there I competed and kept training and now lost a total of about 40 lbs! For my next show, I competed in an INBF show and won overall for bikini, and then traveled to Miami, FL for a Universe show (placed in the top ten for bikini short class). At the show in Miami, I sat in the audience and watched all the ladies compete in the fitness division. I was soooooo inspired by all of their talent! From there I told myself, thats it! I’m pushing myself once again and setting a new goal! I began training for the fitness division. I learned my routine and finished it only two weeks out from my next show. I was determined not to back down and make it onstage for fitness….Yesterday, I accomplished my goal I competed in the fitness division at FAP….I was so tired during the routine but made it through! I loved it, I was happy to be dancing onstage again. It was the first time I had danced onstage for 6 years……and I placed 1st :) I could not believe it and still can’t. I took that stage with so many powerful and beautiful women. The best part after I won was that all the ladies in the fitness division were cheering and happy for everyone.
This is why I LOVE being a competitor myself. I am surrounded by women and men who are so powerful and never give up. Every time I compete I leave with about ten new friends! BUT the best part of competiting is seeing all my designs and clients onstage!!! OMG! I love watching all of their hard work strut across the stage and know that I was a part of their big day!! I love this (if i didn’t already say that <3)!! Thank you to everyone for letting me work with you making my dreams and yours come true!
Leigha Marie

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Boston and Atlantic Championship!

Goodluck to everyone competing! Rock that stage like a true champion!

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LMD featured in Oxygen Magazine!

Anca Bucur – Fitness Universe Champion!  Wearing a custom made suit by Leigha Marie Designs and featured in Oxygen Magazine!


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Thank you to ONEFITFOODIE for featuring LMD on their page today!
Ladies check it out! Great blog and recipes! My favorite is the blueberry turkey burgers! Yum!

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Custom Suits By Leigha Marie

Want to design your own suit? Leigha Marie will work one on one with you to design the perfect competition suit! You will get to choose your own fabric, rhinestone accessories and rhinestone design!

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