Leigha Marie

Leigha Marie is an experienced designer from Rutland, Masschusetts who grew up surrounded by costumes and rhinestones. For 18 years she was a successful dancer who competed at the regional and national level. During her dancing years, Leigha began designing her own dance costumes, which grew into a passion for fashion design.  After high school, Leigha wanted to gain further training and experience in the fashion community, so she attended Mount Ida College and graduated with a degree in Fashion Design.  During college, Leigha became very interested in designing swimwear.  In 2010, she decided to launch her own line of custom made swim and sportswear for fitness competitors.  Leigha debuted her first fitness suit at the 2010 Mr. Olympia Vegas show. Recently Leigha’s suits and sportswear have been featured at regional and national fitness competitions all over the United States.  She is dedicated to producing the best swim and sportswear for all of her clients, and is excited to make you look fabulous on stage!

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